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Why do people hire Jeanne?

That’s simple. She brings enthusiasm and professionalism to everything that she does. Here’s what some other have to say about her…

Our audience was looking to learn how to be their authentic selves and Jeanne delivered. Her command of the subject matter, takeaways and infectious energy blew us all away. We’d highly recommend Jeanne – her enthusiasm, professionalism and responsiveness make her a dream to work with while her charisma and experience behind the camera kept our audiences engaged throughout!
Lizzie Garner
Guaranteed Rate Organization of Women, Guaranteed Rate Companies
Jeanne took my intentions and goals and quickly developed a customized program that was spot-on. Jeanne was energetic and engaging throughout the entire two-day experience. Several employees reached out to me after the training and requested one-on-one training sessions with Jeanne – even months later, because that is the type of impact she has.
Lara Hamsher
SPower, Government Relations and Communications Manager
Her attention and understanding of me as a person challenged me to uncover and utilize my skills and talents as a performer in a multifaceted approach - hence propelling my performance to a new level. Her methodology is based on authentic strength based practice and it helps you remix conceptions of communication and how it can be used on and off the stage to perform your best self.
Johnny Lasalle
Educator, Artist
Jeanne is very competent, easy to work with, and a nice person. She taught us to make friends with the camera and it was so very helpful.
Dick And Emily Axelrod
The Axelrod Group



Amy's Story:

Jeanne has shared her absolutely incomparable communication and media talents with the MSC program over the past several years. She has designed custom training, taught, coached, and advised our graduate students and corporate clients on public speaking via training specific to presenting on-camera, audio, and on-stage for a variety of contexts – including professional meetings, seminars, and even in crisis communication training scenarios. Jeanne’s professional experience and expertise speaks for itself but what makes her a stand out is her approachability and humble nature. She is a master at getting her clients to let down their guard, see past their insecurities, and make unbelievable progress in a short amount of time. The advancements our learners have experienced by working with Jeanne have been described as “transformative” and “life and career changing.” I am such a believer in what she does that I hired her myself! Delivering my largest and most important academic presentation to date, I knew I wanted to take my “good” presentation skills and make them even better. Working with Jeanne not only gave me added confidence, but her tactical and practical skills and tips proved incredibly effective when on-stage. The muscle-memory of the performance work we did kicked in and I delivered my content with a clarity and effectiveness that was on an entirely new level. I am forever grateful and look forward to continued partnerships with Jeanne.