Write It Down and Run With It with Successful Real Estate Broker, House-Flipping Expert, and Author Page Turner

I learned so much from my conversation with Page Turner of HGTV’s “Fix Your Flip.” She has overcome so much – a single mom of three at 23 years old. She never gave up on her dreams because she always had a plan. Now, she is a phenom in the real estate industry and as a TV host, executive producer, and entrepreneur. Turns out her philosophy for success is so simple … yet so wise – it’s just three words!

JS: Let’s talk about your challenges in life. Because you’ve already mentioned being a single mom, and you make no bones about being here for women, and especially for single moms and doing it on your own. And that is such a hard thing. Especially right now, I think, especially during the pandemic, when helping each other physically was difficult. What do you do when you need to bounce back from something,? What do you do when you’re disappointed and discouraged, because I can’t imagine that being a single mom moving to Nashville, and probably not having the support system there that you had in LA, even though you may have had a better chance at building something. I understand the reasoning behind it but it could not have been easy. So talk to me about the lowest point, the biggest challenges and how you climbed back from that.

PT: The first thing I do still I just cry, I just fall out, I roll, I just I cry, I yell and scream, I cuss a little bit or a lot. I cry again, and I scream again, and then I pick all the pieces back up and get it all out. And then I’m like, ‘Okay, now God, what’s the plan?’ So going back to what you said earlier, ‘You’ve got to write the plan, work the plan, and then the plan will work for you.’ I have been doing that since I before I had kids. I’ve just kind of been trained in that life to not just speak things into existence, because that is real, but also you got to work, you have to sow the seed, you have to till the land, you have to attend to whatever your seed is. A tree just doesn’t grow because it’s there. Otherwise, you get weeds, right?

JS: You are helping me, sis, because like, this is the thing about that I think people forget about entrepreneurship is that, like inspiration can hit you in the middle of something else. And then you forget it and you kick yourself because you’re like what if that was the idea? What if that was the thing? I can’t keep my hands around all of it. I think I need to do that (write it down). Because like I have so I have voice notes on my phone that I forget to go back to. Sometimes I remember to do it. But I think I have like 20 voice notes on my phone. Because I woke up in the middle of the night and recorded it, but then it never made it to that ‘see it’ piece.

PT: That goes back to time and time management and carving out time that ‘Okay, this is my voice memo time, 20 minutes a day, if I have to get up 20 minutes earlier.’ That’s what I tell people all the time. ‘How do you do it? You got to get tired. You have to be comfortable with being tired and sometimes weary.’ Because that’s how you push past to where, okay, now I have people who do that for me. So I can sleep in. Because one of my goals on my board was to not have to set an alarm. To wake up when the good old Lord wakes me up. Unless I have something great to do like this. Right? So but if not, I want to wake up and what I find is that I wake up at 530, 6 o’clock anyway. I have a pen here because I know we’re gonna have some nuggets drop. And I want to make sure that I’m able to write them down, and so even though we’ll have the replay, but am I gonna go back and listen to the whole replay and get all my notes?

JS: I got my paper and my Sharpie – it’s ready to go!

PT: You’ve got to write it down. Because the Word says you have to write the vision and make it plain so he who reads it will run. So what does that mean? Always be prepared when that person says, ‘Let me see your proposal.’ You have it. Boom, here it is. It’s already written.

(Edited for length and clarity)