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Keynote Speaker: Virtual, Hybrid, In-person

Jeanne Sparrow ServicesJeanne Sparrow is a leading keynote speaker who regularly shares the stage with CEOs and celebrities. In her dynamic and heartfelt talks, she delivers a custom experience that engages and motivates your audience with thought-provoking stories and empowers them with practical tools and techniques for success. Jeanne does extensive research in advance, so she can effortlessly include your message and objectives into her presentations – whether it’s for a group of 50 or 50,000. She’s at home talking with anyone — a room full of industry leaders, sales executives, C-suite executives, non-profit directors, entrepreneurs, women business leaders, or young professionals. Jeanne’s keynotes are a chance to give your audience something unique and special – her style, charisma, and knowledge connect with people of all ages, cultures, and industries.

Signature Keynote

Be Brave, Be Free, Be You Jeanne’s signature presentation focuses on her mission of helping you find your Fearless Authenticity and how to Be Brave, Be Free, Be You. Jeanne shares what she’s learned about why being and showing your truest self and telling your story are the keys to boldly serving your team, clients, and colleagues — creating lasting relationships. Jeanne shows you how the words we say and how we say them have the profound power to change lives – and even the world – when we use them with intention and purpose. Be Brave, Be Free, Be You will inspire and empower your audience to take action in their professional and personal lives.


Find Your Power as a Leader Jeanne uses her 30+ years of being in front of cameras and microphones to share valuable lessons and memorable stories from her first years in the media business to starting her own company and leading her own team.  She explains how to find your power as a leader by building a bridge between your current skills and new opportunities, and in doing so, finding your confidence. Jeanne reveals her secrets and strategies about how to move forward as a leader of people, instead of a manager of processes. And, she outlines how to successfully connect with your team where they are, how to inspire them to rise to challenges and motivate them to become their best. This compelling, captivating program will leave your audience feeling inspired and ready to find their power.


Insider Media Secrets: Broadcasting Your Best Self In this popular program, Jeanne shows you step-by-step how to prepare for any on-camera or in-person presentation, whether it’s live TV, social media, or a speech to your company. She shares her secrets and techniques for being confident on camera, staying calm under pressure, and effectively rehearsing your content, along with how to feel and look your very best in your wardrobe and makeup. And, she reveals the number one thing you need to know to use the media to your advantage.  With Jeanne’s powerful process, your attendees will have the tools to consistently shine during events or interviews and become a go-to expert guest. 

Virtual Keynotes

All of Jeanne’s keynotes can be delivered virtually, with the same energy and motivation as in person for your attendees. She is skilled in using a variety of technologies with her clients to produce special events and conferences. She has an in-home creative studio with professional equipment including lighting, and audio.

Subject Matter Expert, Moderator & Panelist

From her years in radio and television, Jeanne brings her expertise, energy, and charm to live events in person and virtually around the country. She is comfortable keeping an audience engaged whether she’s the moderator, a panelist, or subject matter expert, talking about the media, headlines, hot topics, pop culture, entertainment and lifestyle. Jeanne also loves giving encouragement to caregivers, sharing her own experience taking care of her father who had dementia. She’s also passionate about women’s health issues and has a soft spot for dogs, especially those with special needs.

TV Host/Event Emcee: Virtual, In-Person, Hybrid

Jeanne Sparrow ServicesYour conference emcee is a brand extension of your organization and is the glue that holds your event together. Emcee, master or mistress of ceremonies, host or live event personality — no matter what you call it, this is an essential role that requires a person who can truly engage and connect with your audience. A wide breadth of experience counts, especially now, when audiences have so many things competing for their attention in their home office or online. The right host can keep them engaged and make your virtual event as exciting as if it were in-person. That’s why Jeanne is the emcee you want and need. She has the unique ability to instantly captivate an audience, hold their focus and keep things moving. Her years as a radio and TV personality have taught her how to re-engage with ease, after breaks or lunch, and then perfectly recap your message so your audience remembers the key elements of your event. As a TV Host or Event Emcee she delivers with confidence: 
  • Proper event flow timing and pacing
  • Relevant and timely content when needed. She is prepared for anything
  • Enticing speaker intros and outros to ensure smooth transitions
  • Tactful callbacks to information that match the event’s key objectives
  • Effective mood setting
  • Proven transitioning of speakers when emceeing an event with dynamic stage logistics
  • Appropriate placement of program elements including special guests, speakers, videos, and various media and announcements
  • A lightened mood that charms and engages the audience 
  • Fearless Authenticity Success Coaching
Fearless Authenticity programs are custom-designed for leaders, salespeople and teams … and anyone taking on new challenges or projects. Work with Jeanne one-on-one or in groups to polish your skills and perform at a higher level. Learn secrets to ace your next opportunity … from presentations and speeches to interviews and media appearances. Online coaching courses will also be available soon.

Media and Presentation Training

Jeanne’s approach to communication training is all about helping you prepare for the “performance” portion of delivering your message. Her philosophy is grounded in the idea that no matter how well you know your message and talking points, you will not reach your target audience in the way you intended if you are not prepared for the situation in which you will deliver your message. Jeanne’s goal is to help you to think, act and respond like a professional speaker or media talent, so you can perform well no matter what the situation is or how it makes you feel. Let Jeanne help you polish your skills so you can communicate with confidence and ease!

Voiceover Actor

Jeanne has done thousands of commercial voiceovers for major brands. Her voice has a friendly and relatable sound. It is warm, smart, conversational, sometimes sassy, and always authentic. Brands that Jeanne has lent her voice to include: AT&T, Coca-Cola, Cox Communications, Exxon, GMC, DSW Shoe Warehouse, Kellogg’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald’s, National Association of Realtors, Pam, Sony, Tide, The Laughing Cow Cheese, Verizon, United Airlines, Walmart, Whirlpool, YMCA, and Yoplait. For voiceover booking, contact NV Talent.