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When you share yourself and your gifts,
the circle completes itself and we all win


Jeanne Sparrow shares the secrets she’s learned in her media career to help people and organizations find more success by fine tuning the way they tell their stories, express themselves and communicate their value. She works with Fortune 100 corporations and non-profits, training, consulting, and coaching executives and teams in healthcare, performing arts, hospitality, transportation, energy, government, education and other industries.

Unlock Your Potential with Jeanne and Be Fearless in How You Lead Your Business & Team

Jeanne’s coaching programs address all the essentials for your success: growing your business, motivating your team, boosting productivity, strengthening your leadership skills, and increasing revenues. She assesses your specific situation and tailors a plan just for you, with a true commitment to helping you reach your goals fearlessly.

She shows you through her one-on-one or group coaching sessions that to have Fearless Authenticity, you need to know that who you are and what you bring to everything you do at work, in your personal life, is what makes your contribution special. Your perspective, your opinion, your experiences—that is where your value is and gives you power. She helps you understand how living in your authenticity is what differentiates you from others; how trying to be like everyone else just makes you more replaceable.

Fearless Authenticity Success Coaching

Fearless Authenticity programs are custom-designed for executives, established and rising leaders, managers, salespeople and teams—and anyone taking on new challenges or projects. Work with Jeanne one-on-one or in groups to strengthen your leadership skills, grow your confidence, and perform at a higher level. Master her powerful secrets to ace your next opportunity—from presentations and speeches to interviews and media appearances.

Online coaching courses will also be available soon.

Jeanne took my intentions and goals and quickly developed a customized program that was spot-on. Several employees reached out to me after the training and requested one-on-one training sessions with Jeanne – even months later, because that is the type of impact she has.
Lara Hamsher
SPower, Government Relations and Communications Manager
Media and Presentation Training

Jeanne’s approach to communication training is all about helping you prepare for the “performance” portion of delivering your message. Her philosophy is grounded in the idea that no matter how well you know your message and talking points, you will not reach your target audience in the way you intended if you are not prepared for the situation in which you will deliver your message. Jeanne’s goal is to help you to think, act and respond like a professional speaker or media talent, so you can perform well no matter what the situation is or how it makes you feel. Let Jeanne help you polish your skills so you can communicate with confidence and ease!
Her attention and understanding of me as a person challenged me to uncover and utilize my skills and talents in a multifaceted approach - hence propelling my performance to a new level.
Johnny Lasalle
Educator, Artist

Partial Client List: AES, The Trotter Project, Cigna, Ravinia Steans Music Institute, Grant Park Music Festival, Northwestern University, Orange Kiwi, and Guaranteed Rate.

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