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Fearless Authenticity is all about discovering your unique value
and putting it into words to live your dreams


Fearless Authenticity: Insider Secrets to Lead Better, Sell More and Speak Sensationally
Grow your success and achieve your goals!

In her forthcoming book, Fearless Authenticity, Jeanne  uses her expertise and practical strategies to show you how to unlock your unique value and gain the courage and confidence to lead fearlessly. Jeanne approaches your challenges the same way she does her own, using what she’s experienced in her career to help you succeed, sharing wisdom from some of the high-profile people she’s met along the way, such as, Tom Hanks, Common, Alicia Keys, Carol Burnett, and comedian George Wallace.

With over 30 years of experience and as a 7-time Emmy winner, Jeanne shares inspiring stories and crucial lessons she’s learned about why telling your story is the key to boldly serving your audience—your team, clients, friends, and colleagues—and creating lasting relationships. You’ll also master her powerful process for preparing yourself for any and all speaking or media opportunities—because, let’s face it – we’re all media personalities now—thanks to COVID, video conferencing, and social media. 

She truly believes that being able to effectively express our own unique, individual value is the absolute key to success in life. But her career in front of microphones and cameras has shown Jeanne that too many people cannot express themselves confidently, no matter how much raw talent or how many accomplishments they have.  So she is ready to help them grow in their speaking skills and SUCCEED!

The mission of Fearless Authenticity is about finding your true self, becoming a stronger leader, striving to better express yourself, and serving your audience so you can grow your success and build your community.

Jeanne shares her dynamic and clear-cut plan on how to Be Brave, Be Free, Be You (her mantra). She shows you how to:

  • Discover and express the unique secret to success that’s already inside you – your personal brand
  • Apply her three fundamental success steps to master leadership, sales and building your network in a meaningful way
  • Become a masterful content creator and media personality no matter your platform
  • Communicate to your audience authentically and customize your message
  • Use the power of your story to make connections your audience will never forget
  • Build bridges between your current skills and new opportunities while mastering your fears of change
  • Find Fearless Authenticity in terms of your family and friendships

Jeanne believes that words have power that can change lives – and even the world – when you use them with intention and purpose. Discover how you can change your life through the power of words … and leave your mark on the world!

Book release date coming soon.