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Fearless Authenticity: Insider Secrets to Lead Better, Sell More and Speak Sensationally

Get ready to take it to the next level and move past what’s holding you back!

Fearless Authenticity Book Cover

Fearless Authenticity is all about discovering your unique value and putting it into words to live your dreams.

In her upcoming book, Jeanne shares stories from her career, from her celebrity friends such as George Wallace, Steve Harvey, and Jennifer Hudson, and from top C-suite execs, such as Mellody Hobson of Ariel Investments, and Joi Gordon of Dress for Success, about how to:

  • Discover and express the unique secret to success that’s already inside you – your personal brand
  • Apply fundamental success steps to master leadership, sales and building your network in a meaningful way
  • Approach every speaking situation with confidence… one-on-one, presentations, speeches, panels and in media
  • Use the power of your story to make connections your audience will never forget

Jeanne believes that words have power that can change lives – and even the world – when you use them with intention and purpose. Discover how you can change your life through the power of words … and leave your mark on the world!

Book release date coming soon.