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Simplify Everything: Relationships

Many of my clients who come to me for help in finding more success through better professional communication skills realize that when they start showing up with Fearless Authenticity at
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Procrastination – Don’t Put Off Reading This!

You would think that after all my years working in TV and radio, with multiple daily deadlines, I would be well-organized, always-on-time, and have a completed to-do list. Well, you
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That Unsettled Feeling

I’ve been having this unsettled feeling lately. I figured out the why but it made me think about that feeling in general because usually I get it when it’s time
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Networking: Relationship Building With A Purpose

I’ve been thinking about us “getting back to normal.” We’re going back to school, our offices, attending church or family gatherings, and even some special events. After nearly two years
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How to Simplify Everything

In my efforts to live more authentically, I have tried to slow my life down and bring more order to my crowded schedule but of course, it’s a challenge every
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Rock your Zoom Call

Rock Your Zoom Call…Don’t Wreck It!

Whether you’re working remotely or just trying to stay connected with friends and family in our new homebound COVID-19 world, chances are you’ve been on Zoom or another video conferencing
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