Jeanne Sparrow hasn’t stopped talking since she said her first word at 9 months old and she often says it’s the only thing she really knows how to do well.  After 30 years in broadcasting, Jeanne is focused on putting that one good skill to use in a new way – by helping others to communicate well to an audience and on camera.

Jeanne has always felt that mission was a big part of her everyday job – from putting guests at ease and getting the best from every interview, to coaching and mentoring interns so they could reach the next level in their careers and helping friends and colleagues when they asked for advice before public speaking engagements and media appearances. Jeanne also has formal experience in communications education, having served as an adjunct faculty member in the Media Communications program at the City Colleges of Chicago and as an instructor for graduate level seminars in the School of Communication at her undergraduate alma mater, Northwestern University, where she also received her Master of Science in Communication (MSC) in 2015.

Jeanne has now developed her expertise into coaching and training programs that share the techniques, tips and tricks to survive, and even thrive, in the most challenging communication environments.


JeanneSparrowSpeakingJeanne’s approach to communication training is all about helping you prepare for the “performance” portion of delivering your message.  Her philosophy is grounded in the idea that no matter how well you know your message and talking points, you will not reach your target audience in the way you intended if you are not prepared for the situation in which you will deliver your message.

Jeanne’s goal is to help you to think, act and respond like a professional speaker or media talent, so you can perform well no matter what the situation is or how it makes you feel.

Let Jeanne help you polish your skills so you can communicate with confidence and ease!

What You’ll Learn:

Jeanne is available to speak, teach or train on the following topics, which can be combined or customized to fit your particular needs, interests and requirements.  If you don’t see the topic you’re interested in on this list, please ask about it on the form at the bottom of the page… if Jeanne can’t help you herself, she’s happy to refer you to someone who can.

• Media Training and Coaching

This training covers how to uniquely express yourself and effectively deliver your message in media environments – television, radio, press conferences, Skype/satellite interviews, teleconferencing, podcasts, web programs, or anyplace else where you’ll find a camera or microphone, with or without an audience present.

You’ll learn how to handle yourself in live or recorded situations, what to do when things don’t go as planned, and how to address difficult topics, answer tough questions, and deal with the questions you didn’t expect.  You’ll become aware of your body language and how it affects your audience and learn how to make sure the image you present accurately reflects your personal brand. After this training, you’ll be able to listen or look back at your media appearances with pride instead of cringing and do all the right things to get a return invitation as a guest.

• Presentation Training and Coaching

This module covers much of the same content as Media Training and Coaching, only adapted for presenters who are working alone in front of a live audience.  It reviews best practices for speaking to live audiences of any size or kind, for everything from business presentations to keynote addresses or even as an emcee or moderator.  You’ll learn the ideal way to prepare for any type of audience or environment, how to read the room and adjust to your audience, and become a memorable speaker.

• Crisis, High Pressure Communication and Nerves

Most people’s number one fear in life is public speaking… it beat out death for that honor.  Add a camera or a crisis to the equation and that really turns up the pressure, so it’s understandable that the biggest issue you might have to overcome when communicating is your own nerves.

Training on this topic can be a stand-alone session or added to one of the other topics.  It provides you with preparation techniques to help you cope if public speaking or cameras make you nervous in general, or if you get shaken when facing a crisis or high-pressure environment.  It helps you stop nervousness before it starts with tips and tricks that will help you present your best self when an occasion or opportunity to communicate suddenly arises, whether it’s an ambush interview or the moment you finally get your big shot to use your elevator speech.  You’ll learn how to overcome nerves (or sheer panic) and instead rely on the skills you develop to communicate effectively in any setting.

• Demo Skills for Expert Guests

There’s a saying that goes, “I can show you better than I can tell you.”

These sessions were created for those with expertise in a subject area that requires demonstration to best communicate concepts and ideas.  You’ll get training on how to activate your presentation so it becomes more “show & tell,” instead of just “tell.”  You’ll learn how talk while doing, condense your expertise into concise and easy to understand bits of information, and what to do when things go awry.  Jeanne has experience working with experts in pet care/training, crafting, performing arts and the food and beverage industry.

How You’ll Learn:

Jeanne is available to teach any of the above topics in a few different formats: individual coaching, small group trainings and speaking engagements.  Each format can be customized to fit your particular needs, interests and requirements.  Pricing is based on content, format and training time; quotes provided after initial consultation.

• Individual Coaching

This session is designed for those seeking one-on-one help to address specific challenges or to improve overall performance when speaking in public or appearing on various media (television, radio, press conferences, skype/satellite interviews, teleconferencing, podcasts, or web programs).

Individual coaching can be most helpful when preparing for an upcoming appearance, but can also be used to reach long-term goals.  It’s also effective if you have already received some training or have experience in public speaking/media and want to brush up on your skills overall or work through a pain point.

The process starts with a consultation to determine where you are now, where you want to be and how to get you there.  This determines the format of your coaching sessions, using a variety of approaches designed to help you reach your goals.  Your sessions may include skills assessment, review and critique of past appearances, personalized recommendations to address specific issues and/or guided practice sessions. This type of coaching can be done by phone or in person, depending on the approaches used.  It can also be effective with two people, especially if they work together as a team.

• Small Group Training

Designed for several people in need of the same type of training who want to work together toward similar goals, this session includes an interactive lecture with instruction and Q&A, followed by guided practice sessions with review and critique, which could be done in the group setting or as rotating brief one-on-one sessions.  This type of training is well suited for addressing various skill levels and performance concerns within the same group.  Optimal group size for this training depends on topic, training approach and time constraints.

• Speaking Engagements/Interactive Lectures

These sessions are for large groups or settings where one-on-one interaction is not desired or practical.  It includes an interactive lecture with instruction, Q&A and audience participation activities where appropriate.

In addition to coaching, training and speaking engagements on the above topics, Jeanne is also available to appear on panels as a guest or moderator or to host or emcee events.

What Are Clients Saying?

  • When I approached Jeanne, I was preparing for a keynote speech for a large audience. This was not the usual keynote as it had several moving parts, including a live case presentation, audience participation and an interactive discussion. Jeanne did several things to help me succeed. She helped me to structure my speech. She coached me on interview skills and how to engage a crowd. Finally, she helped me to build my confidence for a successful delivery. Through our professional presentation work, her teachings have had a powerful impact on me and have shaped my work and my life tremendously!! Thanks Jeanne!

    Jamelia Hand MHS CADC MISAI CEO | Vantage Clinical Consulting LLC
  • Jeanne's contagious energy made her an absolute pleasure to work with and a force to be reckoned with. I enlisted her help with my first live audience interview Academy Award Winner Tarell Alvin McCraney. Her attention and understanding of me as a person challenged me to uncover and utilize my skills and talents as a performer in a multifaceted approach - hence propelling my performance to a new level. Her methodology is based on authentic strength based practice and it helps you remix conceptions of communication and how it can be used on and off the stage to perform your best self.

    Johnny LaSalle Educator, Artist
  • I reached out to Jeanne when I was being recorded for a short video piece for a work-related initiative.  I was very nervous and was dreading the recording.  Jeanne was very patient with me.  She asked about the setting for the recording and my objectives for the session.  She then provided me with a number of practical pointers that ensured I would feel comfortable and appear natural on camera. Her ability to take a not so comfortable situation and turn it into something positive was amazing. I have had other media coaches and it always seems like they are judging you.  I never felt like that was the case with Jeanne.  Her authenticity and knowledge about the industry make her the BEST media coach ever!

    Michelé Smith Associate Provost | William Rainey Harper College
  • Jeanne is terrific. We are husband and wife co-authors so Jeanne coached both of us. Jeanne quickly understood our situation, identified our strengths as individuals and as a couple, and coached us in a way that made our strengths shine through. And learning to make friends with the camera was very helpful. Jeanne is very competent, easy to work with, and a nice person.Jeanne is terrific. We are husband and wife co-authors so Jeanne coached both of us. Jeanne quickly understood our situation, identified our strengths as individuals and as a couple, and coached us in a way that made our strengths shine through. And learning to make friends with the camera was very helpful.  Jeanne is very competent, easy to work with, and a nice person.

    Dick and Emily Axelrod The Axelrod Group


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